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A high interest of the customers to the trademark ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ products necessitated a successful running of the own retail shop network with bright design and a positive atmosphere in 2007.

In ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ creative studios parents and children may buy wonderful kits and creative materials as well as experience exciting modeling and drawing tutorials, making their first steps in arts.

‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ studio-shops mean a unique creative atmosphere, always high spirit, bright interior, unique ideas and methods.

Participation in our creative studio-shops fills children with the sense that creation is a great and interesting process.

A program of franchising for the trademark ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ has been running since 2008 and it’s in constant growing. For 8 years of successful activity more than 400 shops in various parts of the world has been opened:

In Russia, in the CIS and European countries, in the USA and Canada. The ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ company has become a recognized leader of the children’s goods market franchise in all aspects: brand recognition, trade spots quantity and turnover. According to ‘The Forbes’ of the 4th of August 2013 the ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ has become one of the three best franchises, based on children’s audience.


The brand fame is its reputation. The partner who bought franchise needs neither to earn customers’ loyalty for years nor to invest million budgets in advertising and PR.

Time-proved business model with well adjusted system. The franchise is made only after the company has tested the efficacy of the business model in its enterprises and has verified the business profitability, ‘has fallen into the same trap’, ‘has discovered all the hidden dangers’, has reached the conclusions, has corrected its activity and now is certain in its success.

Low risks. Written above proves them. A franchise buying is a significant lowering of the business risk and quick cost recovery as a rule.

Support and assistance.


It’s a recognized leader of the children’s goods market franchise in all aspects: brand recognition, trade spots quantity and turnover!

It’s a simple and clear business - interesting and claimed production of a famous trademark is used together with well-adjusted business system.

One business combines two directions: sales and services.

It’s easy to start. It takes only 21 days from an idea to an active shop.

We offer you a ready business! Fast cost recovery: from 6 month.

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