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About Company

Children’s creativity is a trend developing quickly in our country as well all over the world. Many modern parents regard creative growing of the child since an early age seriously. Children who draw and clay actively become bright, balanced, creative personalities able to get great achievements and astonishing results in any field of the life.

‘A child is not a vessel to fill but a fire to light.’

‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ company is on market of goods for children’s creativity since 2005. Running the own production in China in 2007 was one of the key steps in the brand developing. It allowed reaching a totally new level of collaborating with customers by means of marked improving of the article quality, flexibility in order fulfillment as well as strict implementation of production and delivery deadlines.

The Brand ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ today is a complex business which consists of the own production, retail shops, wholesale and an efficient franchising network. Our partners are Russian and world known corporations, including Toys R US, REVELL, BABYSHOP, MAGNIT.

The brand 'ORANGE ELEPHANT' manufactures more than 400 items for modeling and painting. The eco safe materials, unique ideas, attracting design of our creativity kits are our main brand images.

‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ is a well known international brand for modeling and painting for children’s creativity and growing.

According to ‘The Forbes’ the trademark ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ is one of the three top and most successful brands of children’s goods in Russia.

High quality of ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ production is proved with Russian and international certificates, awards and appreciations on behalf of our major business partners and our customers, both children and their parents.

The trademark ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ means quality for modeling, drawing, decorating and bright unique ideas for creativity, growing and pleasant leisure of children at age 2-12.

The company range includes creative kits with bright design, original conception and methods, which are made like colourful step-by-step instructions.

The kits unite modern, safe and long-awaited gift for a child and a good family hobby.

Modeling is a wonderful and useful activity for a child as it helps to develop fine motor skills and imagination. The trademark ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ includes the most interesting and modern items modeling: vegetable based clay pastry, amazing ball modeling clay, both coarse-grained and fine-grained, wonderful polymer clay mass.

All the ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’s materials obtain the top safe level, are completely unsticky and leave no traces either on clothes or on the furniture.

The ‘ORANGE ELEPHANT’ drawing kits allow any child, no matter his artistic abilities and skills, to feel joy and inspiration from the creative process.

Bright stained paints, plastic childish stained glass of any form and size, special templates for stained glass stickers making, velvet panels to be painted with colourful glimmering paints and kits with colour sand gift children unforgettable impressions.

Finger paints and vegetable based bath paints are designed for the youngest painters since 2 years old.

For 2 years old children and up our assortment includes various forms of special vegetable based soft, elastic and pleasant to touch pasty, the first material which is made to instill love for claying in the child.

A-ball clay never dry modeling clay is very popular among little children. The balls massage childish hands and fingers and that’s very useful for fine motor skills and speech.

Finger paints help to give some notions about shapes and colour to the child. They allow drawing various lines and even geometrical figures. Finger paints and bath paints are necessary elements of the little child’s growing.


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